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Your Guide To Stem Cell Therapy For Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart diseases have become a quite common problem these days owing to the busy and hustle bustle lifestyle of this century. Due to this out of 100 at least 20 people are suffering from some or the other kind of heart disease for which they must be going under some kind of treatment. The most chronic form of heart disease is coronary heart disease in which chances of survival are less if it is not diagnosed on time. If any of your loved one is also suffering from the same and doctors have lose all their hope then there is one last resort left popularly known as Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cell therapy for cardiovascular diseases is quite popular these days in the medical fraternity as researchers are still working on its procedure, success rate, and effects for past few years. With stem cell treatment, heart tissues of the patient are rebuild using the patients own stem cells, which are also known as the master cells of human body that help in repairing and building of damaged tissues. Stem cell therapy for cardiovascular diseases uses a unique functionality with which the patients body starts recovering from the ailment with their own stem cells.

As it is already mentioned earlier, stem cell therapy for cardiovascular diseases uses patients own stem cells for regenerating new heart tissues and blood vessels inside the patients body. For proper stem cell treatment, doctors advise patient to provide their blood sample which is usually 250cc, which is used by medical professionals to extract the isolated stem cells from the provided blood sample. Further, these medical professionals leave those stem cells to grow and get multiplied in vitro. The next step of stem cell therapy for cardiovascular diseases involves sorting of these newly generated stem cell as per their ability and power to help in building new blood vessels for the patient.

After that the newly generated stem cells are inserted back into patients body for repairing of damaged tissues. In this way, patients own stem cells are used to repair and regenerate the damaged heart tissues, thus leaving no doubt or questions about patients body rejecting new cells or new treatment, this also minimizes the chances of complications as no foreign tissue is used in the patients body for treatment. Another benefit of stem cell treatment is that it considerably reduces the chances of infections that arise because of blood transfusion.

So, if any of your loved one is suffering from coronary heart disease, then dont lose hope, there is a last ray of hope enlightened in the form of stem cell therapy for cardiovascular diseases.