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Jack Russell Terrier Health Issues

From all the activity of the Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) of moving around endlessly, jumping and digging holes in the ground, the first thing that the dog owner must know and keep in mind is that it is a highly energetic canine. There should be an initiative to study the physical and mental frame up of the JRT to keep the pet dog away from poor health and save it from deterioration.

Ordinarily, the average lifespan of the JRT is 15 years with earliest mortality of 13 years and longest lifespan of 18 years. The Jack Russell Terrier health system is all about maintaining it to the level of safety from a shorter lifetime.

Weight is a factor for good health and to save this canine is to help for it not to be overweight. An overweight dog will have probable heart disease and suffer from arthritis. The dog owner must then inquire from experts on good diet for the Jack Russell.

Germs can spread on the coat of the Jack Russell. Only by brushing with a rubber curry brush every other day is good enough to keep the coat from unwanted bacteria. With the three types of coat (smooth, broken or rough) that sheds just the same all year round, the threat or risk of disease to the Jack Russell Terrier health is certain unless it is brushed regularly.

Aside from brushing the coat to prevent bacteria, trimming the nails regularly will also avoid the development of skin disease on the feet. The Jack Russell loves to dig and the habit brings on a lot of germs for the dog. Trimming should be done at least once a month.

The JRT is known to jump on people and loves to play. If it is possible to keep the dog indoors, then it can keep the canine safe from having poor health. To save it from exposure or the possibility that it can also harm others and destroy property, the terrier can be secured even in the yard. Due to the daily movement of the dog, there should be a schedule for bathing and washing. This can all be done at home and there is no need for special grooming. Bathing and washing the dog is part of the Jack Russell Terrier health guide to good grooming.

Just like other breeds of dogs, there are common ailments that the Jack Russell can be exposed to. These are allergies and skin problems. There is a necessity therefore for obtaining the right information on what this dog is allergic to like from food, airborne or exposure to too much dirt from digging.

But, there are also major ailments to avoid so that the Jack Russell terrier will be in good shape. There are the possible ailments on the eyes (cataracts or glaucoma), deafness (common to white dogs), nerve infirmities (epilepsy or patellar luxation or weakening of kneecap), blood disorder (Von Willebrands disease), and heart disease like cardiomyopathy. A faithful adherence to the Jack Russell health program developed by specialists in the field is a requirement to save the canine from poor health. Examining the dog and having regular check-ups with the vet is a good preventive medicine.