Kevin Trudeau’s Top 10 Tips That Might Help Many Diabetics Be Healthy

If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, that’s not you’re only problem. Studies show that people afflicted with this disease tend to suffer more from other sicknesses.

Diabetics are more likely to come down with the flu, pneumonia, colds and other illnesses because their immune systems are compromised.

One of the most controversial and hugely popular health advice sources for diabetics is Kevin Trudeau.

The author of Natural Cures has found a strong following among Type 2s. Many of them don’t like their doctor’s advice (and their doctors) and look for a non-pharmaceutical approach to control their disease.

Nutritional deficiencies are common in all of us, but to a greater extent in diabetics who need to bolster their immunity. Mr. Trudeau provides a list of steps you can follow for stronger protection against infection and illness:

#1Eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits

Eating fresh, uncooked fruits (4 servings) and vegetables (2 large servings) is recommended. Because naturally grown products do not contain the same amount of nutrients (due to soil depletion and pesticide use), the more servings, the better.

#2 Use a juice machine

3 to 4 glasses of fresh fruit and vegetable juice is recommended to provide living enzymes, vitamins and minerals needed to restore proper nutritional balance. These should be consumed in addition to the raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables noted above.

#3 Eat raw nuts and seeds

Raw or uncooked nuts and seeds provide a high nutritional content that should be eaten without roasting or salt. Almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds and others are some of the most nutritionally packed foods we can eat.

#4 Get natural sunlight

Vitamin D is derived from sun exposure. This nutrient has been found to help build immunity. 30 minutes a day is recommended. While research is still underway, Vitamin D deficiencies are becoming recognized as the source of much disease.

#5 Eat an organic apple every day

Considered a superfood, research is showing that the age old adage (An apple a day keeps the doctor away) is true. Trudeau recommends organic apples.

#6 Take calcium from some good source link coral calcium

Restores calcium to your system. For information find an excellent health food store and the smartest salesperson in the store.

#7 Take Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been credited with lowering the incidence of heart disease and other maladies. The natural d-alpha form should be taken, instead of the synthetic version.

#8 Take liquid colloidal minerals

These minerals help you to overcome food nutrition deficiencies.

#9 Drink ‘Magic Juices’

Trudeau stresses the importance of juice, particularly goji, acai berry, noni, mangosteen and aloe vera. Known as ‘super-nutrient rich’, you should drink these fresh, if possible. They contain a high level of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Goji berries and their juice, are particularly high on the anti-oxidant scale.

#10 Take a whole food supplement

Called ‘concentrated real food’ rather than synthetic vitamins and minerals, these contain supplemental insurance that your body is getting nutrients often missing from food. Some supplements are focused on supporting diabetics in normalizing blood sugar levels and lowering weight to meeting natural BMI index targets.

Beyond Kevin Trudeau’s Top 10 list, he also suggests that you eat organic honey, get an oxygen water cooler, take digestive enzymes, use organic sea salt, eat organic dark chocolate and take an omega-3 supplement.

The point of these tips is that the food and beverages we drink are often low or totally deficient in nutrients. Lack of nutrients in our bodies helps create the potential for disease and illness to occur. And we need to ward off these diseases with proper nutritional supplements.

It’s important to note, that although it doesn’t make Trudeau’s Top 10 list, food ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup, should be avoided at all costs.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is added to most processed foods and beverages that we consume. Not only is it lacking in nutritional value, it’s more calorie dense than sugar and causes a blood sugar imbalance – two common diabetic problems that must be controlled.

Following Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures advice of what to eat and drink is important. It’s also important to watch what not to eat and drink, so that we overcome the effects of the diabetic condition.