Ashvaganda – Treatment Of Many Diseases

Ashvaganda shown in the treatment of heart disease, when they felt palpitations, a feeling of disruption in the work of the heart, a sense of numbness and contraction in the chest, as well as pain in the heart pulsating, lomyaschego or explosive nature. This disturbed sleep, shortness of breath, dry cough, constipation, often dark circles under the eyes, Patient annoying noise and loud speech. Attacks usually occur after exhaustion at work, or excessive physical activities. There is concern, timorousness fear, anxiety, sometimes fainting, after which the symptoms are worsening.

In cases of hypertension, which is accompanied by a non-permanent, periodic manifestations and nervous disorders, ashvaganda used long-term, so when this current hypertension shows, primarily, it is toning therapy.

It can be used ashvaganda and urinary tract infections, which are accompanied by a long chronic course with exacerbations. In this case ashvaganda acts as a kidney tonic, of particular importance is ashvaganda as a means to treat relation impotence in men, as well as an excellent tonic for the male reproductive system. In this context, illustrates the use ashvaganda and in the treatment of prostate and genital herpes (genital herpes without any redness, inflammation, and is accompanied by dry skin, constipation, insomnia and breakdown).

Ashvaganda and used in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, which is accompanied by concern, depression, insomnia, constipation, headache and severe painful spasms. There is nervousness, excitement, distraction, possible dizziness, tinnitus, fainting, rapidly changing moods and capricious. A woman can feel the excitement, a sense of its irrelevance, the feeling of cold, thirst and dryness of the skin. It may seem that she was dying. May have thought about suicide, but with the beginning of menstruation, all this takes place. Characteristic small, just a few days, with increased duration of menstrual pain in the dawn and at dusk (the wool)

Well suited ashvaganda and for the treatment of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation or late), hemorrhagic (menstrual bleeding profusely), (whites – brown, sticky and dry, with a pronounced soreness), as well as menopause.

Of the other special conditions of women, it should be noted it particularly useful in pregnancy, and abortion, and in treatment of female infertility.

Shown ashvaganda and in treatment of chronic, without high temperature, fever, which usually requires toning therapy.

Ashvaganda is useful in arthritis, where it is necessary to stop the degenerative and atrophic processes in the bone tissue, but care should be that hard, by their nature are not increased tonic education toxins from undigested food.

It showed good efficacy in complex therapy of cancer, clinical trials proved that. In this case, the high dose – 30 grams per day and above.

It contributes to growth hormone, and for the elderly, it is the primary means to strengthen the bones and joints, as well as helping with impotence, belyah and urinary incontinence.

It was a good positive effect which is accompanied by dry skin, anxiety, insomnia, constipation, digestion, and the volatility often occurs after severe fright or severe illness.

And, of course, ashvaganda is one of the most important means of Ayurvedic treatments for disorders of the nervous system. In particular, ashvaganda apply to failure, and degenerative processes such as multiple sclerosis. Ashvaganda essential tool for the treatment of anxiety accompanying many neurological disorders, this is a good way to treat insomnia, migraines, as well as with epilepsy

Used ashvaganda and with violations in connection with the yogic practices such as Pranayama or the awakening Kundalini. Kundalini can also get out of control in the strong meditative techniques or as a result of receiving the drug.

It useful in treatment of smoking among the representatives and drug abuse among all types