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End Stage Liver Disease Complications

Liver disease and it’s complications are quite surprising. Who would even begin to imagine all that a liver patient has to deal with!

Liver disease can come on quickly due to drugs, Tylenol abuse, and many other reasons such as a fatty liver.

Other times liver disease is brought on from drinking too much, as in alcoholism, or by doing drugs, whether street or prescription. It depends on so many factors and the person’s biological makeup.

Some liver patients do not experience any symptoms until it is too late. When the late stage symptoms appear, liver disease can kill quickly and painfully.

One very common symptom is ascites, swelling of the abdomen, feet and legs.Blood that normally would go through the liver backs up and affects the kidneys and other organs, causing extreme water retention.

Liver failure causes heart failure, kidney failure, enlarged spleen, portal hypertension, Barrett’s esophagus, swelling on the brain from ammonia and other toxins. Blood platelet counts can become dangerously low causing the patient to bleed uncontrollably through the stomach, bowels, esophagus, and even causes strokes or heart attacks in some patients.

Complications from liver disease can cause the portal area around the lungs to fill with fluid and become dangerously infected, or also in the abdomen.

The disease can cause the brain to swell from fluid and toxins, as I have mentioned, to the degree that one is out of their head or becomes comatose.

There are medications to control some of the symptoms, but at the point of no return the damaged liver is destroyed, and, without a transplant, the patient will die.

The liver patient becomes jaundiced, loses all muscle mass, is gaunt, can no longer eat. The quality of life is very limited to waiting on the next doctor visit, or hospital stay. Doctors will do this test and this procedure to keep the patient alive until transplant if they even qualify for one. A liver patient has to be close to death before than can receive a transplant. It is a very precarious process.

Further investigation of this subject can be found in the many articles online for End Stage Liver Disease.

My husband is a patient with this disease. It has been a real learning experience. I hope you will warn others of the dangers of alcohol or drug use as a self inflicting cause for liver disease. It can happen to anyone!

Herbs For Hardening Of The Arteries

Hardening of the arteries is a dangerous condition in which the space inside the artery (the lumen) starts to narrow due to the accumulation of cholesterol laden plaque deposits. As these plaque deposits build over time a layer of calcium and/or fibrous tissue may start to form leading to the common condition known as hardening of the arteries. The question we pose is can herbs for hardening of the arteries reverse, halt, or neutralize this dangerous condition?

There is good evidence to suggest the answer is yes, at least according to research conducted at the University of Texas Health Center at Houston. The study looked at a number of herbal remedies for heart and artery health purchased locally at a well respected local health store and what they found was that these herbs for hardening of the arteries were very effective at delivering nitric oxide to the body. Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure by relaxing or dilating large blood vessels. The result of higher nitric oxide levels was ultimately an improvement in overall blood flow to the heart. Additionally, and just as important to our investigation into herbs for hardening arteries, was the finding that herbs can prevent plaque buildup and the formation of clots in the arteries.

Next why dont we move on and identify specific names of herbs for hardening arteries.

*Hawthorn: Hawthorne is one of the best known and most widely used herbs for hardening arteries and heart disease. It is derived from a small shrub like tree that grows throughout the northern hemisphere. Hawthorne has been shown to increase the amount of blood flowing through narrowed arteries and increase the strength of the arteries, thus reducing the chances of a heart attack or stroke. Other benefits related to heart health but not necessarily hardening of the arteries are: improvement in the contractibility of the heart muscle, increased cardiac output and performance, reduction in the hearts workload, as well as increasing the hearts ability to cope with oxygen deficiency in times of stress or excitement. Hawthorne when taken as a herb for hardening arteries is quite safe and will not interfere with other medications, according to the official European Community monograph (ESOP). An additional benefit is that it can help with anxiety as well.

*Garlic: Perhaps the most well known, and easily acquired, of our herbs for hardening arteries is garlic. Research has shown that garlic decreases serum cholesterol levels up to 10 percent when one clove or more is consumed on a regular basis.

*Red yeast rice: Red yeast ride is one of the oldest Chinese herbs and has been used for centuries in the practice of Chinese herbal medicine. It is also considered to be one of the best herbs for hardening arteries due to its statin drug like qualities. Red yeast rice has been shown to lower overall cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, and lower bad cholesterol levels. There is also some evidence to suggest that it may aid the body in reducing existing artery clogging plaque deposits.

Other herbs for hardening arteries and heart health worth investigating further are: bilberry, cayenne, chamomile, ginkgo, and rosemary.

If you would like to learn more about arterial heart health or natural cholesterol reduction supplements for heart and artery health Click Here

Tingling In The Penis — What It Means

If a man’s penis is tingling, it may be a sign of a serious health problem. More than just annoying, it may signal infection, inflammation and systemic disease. Tingling is often a sign of troubled nerve endings, irritated by inflammation, starved of nutrients, or damaged by trauma. For some men it is acute and may only last a few hours to a few days, and for other men it is a mysterious ailment that can go on for years. Diagnosis and treatment should be sought out immediately, to avoid chronic damage to the nerves and a loss of function. Supplements, penis health crmes and medications may all support nerve regeneration, immune function and healing.

Poor circulation

Tingling in the penis may be caused by an acute or chronic case of poor circulation. While that might not sound terribly serious in nature, it is the cause of the poor circulation that determines how much a man should worry. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in men around the globe. Poor circulation to the hands, feet and pelvic region may be one of the first signs of cardiovascular disease to appear. Poor posture, obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle and damage to the local capillaries in the penile tissues can also lead to reduced blood flow. In order to ensure a healthy stream of blood around the body, it is important to drink plenty of water, exercise 2-3 times per week, reduce white sugar and saturated fat in the diet, and consider using heart-healthy supplements such as garlic, hawthorn, fish oils, vitamin C, E and L-arginine.


Nerve damage can occur through a variety of ways, and is highly detrimental to the sexual health of men as nerves do not regenerate easily once damaged. Physical trauma to local nerves and/or spinal nerves, poor blood flow, inflammation and infection can all lead to nerve damage, resulting in tingling, pain, numbness, or burning. Diabetes is a common cause of nerve damage in both men and women, as the high level of sugar in the blood stream reduces circulation and oxygenation of peripheral tissues. Stimulating circulation may help, but controlling blood sugars is vital to restoring sexual health. Alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant researched for its health benefits in diabetes, may restore some lost nerve function and protect nerve health in diabetics. Frequent or aggressive masturbation can also cause circulatory issues and nerve damage. Usually this sis temporary if penis receuves sufficient time to recuperate and penis select vitamins and minerals are applied to penile skin to provide a healing environment.


Sexual transmitted diseases and infections are one of the leading causes of penile tingling. If a man has recently had unprotected sex, and is now experiencing tingling in the penis, it is likely that he has contracted an infection. Genital warts, Candida, Chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomonas are some of the most common pathogens responsible for causing this distressing symptom. In addition, non-specific urethritis is another possible diagnosis involving chronic inflammation of the urethra. Blood and urine tests will identify the source of the infection in most cases. According to a study published in the American Family Physician journal in 2010, medications such as azithromycin or doxycycline often treat STI’s and urethritis successfully. Men should also look into supporting immune function to ward off pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C, A and Zinc are natural supplements that have been studied for their immune stimulating properties.

Health crmes

Treating the local tissues with health crmes is a great way of promoting penile health and improving nerve function. Penis health crmes (most professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) deliver a range of important nutrients for male health in a base of shea butter — a natural anti-inflammatory that moisturizes and soothes connective tissues. Vitamin C, E, A, alpha lipoic acid and L-arginine are included in the active ingredients. This combination will stimulate immune function, promote capillary health, benefit male hormones and reduce inflammation and irritation of nerves.

Life-saving Devices For Heart Issues

People that suffer from heart disease or heart irregularities, benefit from the following three unique technological inventions that have saved thousands of lives.

The Artificial Pacemaker: In the late nineteenth century, a scientist discovered the benefits of applying electrical currents to the heart. Several decades later, the first implantable pacemaker was created. Today, pacemakers vary in complexity and application, with some pacemakers doubling as defibrillators. If you suffer from heart disease or irregularities, it is important that the people close to you are trained at CPR, but having a pacemaker helps to maintain a regular heartbeat.

An Alert System: The AngelMed Guardian System is also an implantable device, but rather than send electrical currents through the heart, it merely alerts its wearer if he or she is about to suffer a heart attack, so that trained medical specialists, such as an EKG technician, can attend to the patient. The device also tracks and stores information about the heart that can then be shared with the wearer’s physician.

Wearable Defibrillator: Designed for people at high risk for sudden cardiac arrest, wearable defibrillator vests transmit a shock at the first moment of cardiac arrest. Like the alert systems, the vests also record ECG information about the heart, to be shared with physicians and trained medical technicians. Wearable defibrillators keep patients safe when there are no trained professionals nearby, and provide a sense of security for high-risk patients.

Reversing Heart Disease Along With 2 Magnificent Tricks!

In the U.S. the primary cause of fatality both in men and women is heart disease and a lot of energy is actually expended in Reversing Heart Disease. Various heart diseases include heart attack, congestive heart failure, and coronary heart disease. There are many risks that can make contributions to heart disease, some can be manageable while others for instance age group and nationality are generally not.

The way someone with a hazardous risk lives their existence, may start Reversing Heart Disease. The heart needs blood pumping in and out so it is actually extremely important this muscle is strong enough to keep up with that job. To keep the muscle of a heart healthy, diet and exercise are factors that will assist. Since men and women are all different, your doctor will give you the best foods to stick with however, there are common diets and exercises that ought to be followed for Reversing Heart Disease.

Consuming the ideal meals will help. It is not wise to eat foods that are; deep fried, high fat snack, salt and sugar and fatty foods. Do not fret, you can find meals that will taste great and which will help in Reversing Heart Disease so there is actually no need to worry. Staying active with aerobic exercises will also strengthen your heart, in addition to eating healthy meals.

To have an understanding of the causes of this disease will help you too. As stated earlier, some determinants can be adjustable in Reversing Heart Disease. These determinants are; smoking, obesity, hypertension, stress, anger and staying active. For assistance, contact a physician, this is important to get under control to reduce your risk.

Contact your doctor for some guidance in Reversing Heart Disease but the adjustable factors that make contributions to the condition can only be stopped by simply you. Next, is actually to begin practicing a system on a regular basis, a doctor will help with this step. Not every person certainly is the same and these professionals will find the plan to suit you. You may start Reversing Heart Disease faster when you start your body on a dietary plan right away.

This can be a terrifying condition so getting started right away is actually important. The heart needs to be in good condition for a long, healthy existence, Following plans developed by simply a professional will help anyone in Reversing Heart Disease.

Maximized Living Celebrates National Heart Health Month With Healthy Lifestyle Events

The heart is considered the most important muscle our own body, it’s our life pump. Is actually possible to one of the few organs usually are expected to work continuously, without rest, for a lifetime.

Where i’d like to get they? You can get most items at your local Toledo area grocery dealer. You can get many on the examples of fresh produce at the Toledo Farmers Market. Develop your own herbs, purchase get plants or seeds at Mulberry Creek Farm, Bensell’s Greenhouse, or at one with the other local greenhouses around the Toledo areas.

One must keep under consideration that the fewer risks one has, the lesser chance of developing heart problems. Two or more risk factors indicate the possibility particular may be pron to develop heart disease. It is clear that one of the risk factors listed could natural heart health be avoided with life style changes.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death ultimately United Nations. Finding a connection between heart health and inflammation among the gums could lead to a whole new approach in preventative cardiac medicine.

And don’t think that “buffered” aspirin is any better when referring to gastro-intestinal bleeding. A survey in Lancet found how the risk of bleeding was 2.6 times higher in people taking 325 mg or a reduced amount of regular aspirin compared persons not taking any aspirin. The risk in people taking “buffered” aspirin was five.1 higher. In because they came from took higher than 325 mg of regular aspirin every single day the risk was the 5.8 times higher, while in those taking buffered aspirin it was 7.0 time higher. In other words, people taking buffered aspirin actually had higher risk!

Women are well-endowed with emotions associated with lives. You are looking for joys very strongly, and take setbacks very most certainly. Experts in cardiology claim that powerful negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression have a wider impact on women’s hearts than they on men’s. Research shows that men’s hearts aren’t as responsive to emotional stimuli and that emotion can be a more important predictor of heart problems in people. Such strong emotions can result in woman’s ringing in the ears to become spastic and shut down thus preventing the normal flow of blood.

Early studies with aspirin showed no way benefits due to came to preventing heart attacks. (BMJ 1974 vol. 1 p. 436, Lancet Vol. 2 k. 1313, JAMA Feb 15, 1980, BMJ 1988 vol. 296 pg. 313-6). Then one study which used Bufferin (aspirin and magnesium) revealed that while the volume of of fatal heart attacks was not reduced, there was 40% fewer non-fatal heart attacks in people taking Bufferin. This will be the reason why doctors recommend aspirin for prevention of heart strikes.

All medications that have the experience of treat heart problems should be treated with caution. While they will assist in relieving symptoms and will often help you survive a heart attack, they are not drugs on this with no forethought. For you to the advice of historical past and keep the dosing is accurate. Take note of your body and any side effects you may see. If you have any concerns, speak regarding your doctor or pharmacist gone. Do not stop taking any medications for heart disease without first speaking to your personal doctor. With all the proper care and treatment, heart disease is manageable. With the addition of a healthy life style and diet, heart disease can be overcome.

Stress- Can It Really Cause Heart Disease

Stress- were all aware of the feeling- overburdened, overwhelmed, and at times ready to pull our hair out. Yet, can it really be damaging physically? Can it lead to heart trouble?

A recent heart patient illustrates this question. John, a middle-aged man with a ruddy complexion and large eyes, had been admitted to the hospital on my cardiology practice because of terrible pains that gripped his chest. The pain was in fact a heart attack, quite a large one.

Oddly, he possessed no real risk factors for heart disease. He didn’t smoke, have high blood pressure, or admit to a family history of heart disease. Even his cholesterol was normal.

After taking a detailed history, the only thing I could come up with as a cause of his heart attack was stress. His dog, the only real thing in life he cherished, had recently died. He wasn’t married, and didn’t have children. Even his parents were gone. His pet golden retriever had recently been hit by a car.

His grief following the loss was so encompassing, so burdensome that it had created an anvil like weight across his chest. When the pain became unbearable he’d scurried to the Emergency Department.

Is it possible that stress alone- in this case overwhelming grief, can cause actual heart disease?

All of us are familiar with the stress of modern day living. With both adults frequently working, the typical American family must juggle shopping, work, kid’s activities, and a host of other essential tasks. It isn’t unusual to rise early, perform under pressure for long hours at work and then come home to face even more duties.

The constant and seemingly endless hectic pace can numb the body and the mind. Such stress is all too familiar, but can it actually lead to illness? Can it truly be bad for your heart?

A publication in the British Medical Journal has given undeniable proof that stress is indeed harmful to our heart health. They followed hundreds of research participants for up to seven years and found that people who had subjective feelings of being “over burdened” at work, or performed repetitive activities with no chance for advancement- these people developed nearly three times the heart disease as people who didn’t have this type of stress.

They also found that the chances of suffering a life ending heart attack were also 2-3 times higher.

So what can we do about the feeling of being, “overwhelmed,” or “not being able to take it any more?” Is there hope for hearts that are crying?

The answer is “Yes.” You don’t have to become a medical statistic and suffer a heart attack because of stress.

The first step for avoiding this tragedy is to acknowledge your troublesome feelings. Recognize that you are exhausted or have difficulty.

Next, seek help. One of the reasons I’ve created this web site is to provide a resource for who people with psychological and emotional difficulties.